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Core Technology

Signal Processing

General EMG prosthetic hand uses two EMG electrodes and classifies EMG into three patterns. Meltin’s signal processing technology uses three electrodes and classifies EMG into twelve patterns. Two EMG electrodes are attached on extensor and flexor for general EMG prosthesis and three patterns are assigned to rotation, reverse rotation, mode switch. On the other hand, three EMG electrodes are attached on extensor, flexor and middle of them for our prosthetic hand and twelve patterns are assigned to wrist supination, wrist pronation, wrist flexion, wrist extension, grasp, open hand, close thumb, close ring and pinky fingers, three point pinch (thumb, index and middle finger), ...

With our signal processing technology, mode switching is no longer needed. For example if you want to open the door, you have to…

[General EMG prosthesis]
Extensor (open the hand) -> single quick co-contraction (switch to wrist mode) -> extensor (wrist supination) -> double quick co-contraction (switch to open/close mode) -> flexor (close the hand) -> single quick co-contraction (switch to wrist mode) -> flexor (wrist pronation) -> double quick co-contraction (switch to open/close mode) -> extensor (open the hand)
[Meltin’s EMG prosthesis]
Wrist supination while opening the hand -> keep wrist supination and close the hand -> keep grasping while wrist pronation -> open the hand

With our signal processing algorithm, you can control the prosthetic hand like your own hand.

Unique wire-driven mechanism

・Power allocation

Our wire-driven mechanism allow gripping force to be strong and movement to be more natural. Even when you perform three point pinch, our wire-driven mechanism automatically allocate motor power to pinching fingers. Thanks to this mechanism, our prosthetic hand can carry over 1kg object by three point pinch without changing the number of motors or power of motors.

・Adaptive grasping

Wire-driven mechanism also helps adaptive grasping. Regardless of the shape of the object, our prosthetic hand performs perfect fit to target object.

・Natural movement

Wire-driven mechanism is much similar to human hand. Human hand is driven by muscles and tendons.

With wire-driven mechanism, you can actually relax the hand. When you are relaxing, the fingers and wrist of prosthetic hand move passively, just like our own hand. If you use Meltin’s signal processing technology together, you may even perform a really natural non-verbal communication.

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